Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.

Warren Bennis

Leigh Collins Ferguson

Leigh Collins Ferguson


Leigh Ferguson joined Republic Services in March 2019 as the Municipal Services Manager at the Lewisville Hauling office. In November 2022, Leigh transferred to the S. Dallas Hauling office where she serves the City of DeSoto and surrounding cities. She is responsible for earning and retaining business with municipalities in her territory. In addition to contract management, Leigh handles customer service, public relations, project development, public education, and government relations.

Before joining Republic Services, Leigh worked for six (6) years for elected members of the Texas Legislature in Austin and Fort Worth, Texas. Leigh holds a Bachelor of Science from Georgia Tech and a Master of Public Administration from UT Arlington. Leigh is married to Trey Ferguson and has two bonus young adults, Seth & Jenna.

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